7 10 2016

While we are only four games into the season (and three games for some teams) an early look at this year’s rookies is always interesting for the sports geek. This analysis, of course, will changes significantly over the course of the season and I will update the review every four weeks.

A few summary points follow. A more complete look comes at the link in this blog.

  • First round selections have started 57 games at this point in the season, with 55 of those coming from the first 21 selections of the first round
  • 11 first round choices have started every game
  • 14 players selected in the following rounds or signed as undrafted free agents participated in at least 200 plays from scrimmage
    • Six players were drafted in the second round
    • None were selected in rounds six and seven
    • Two players were undrafted
  • 32 players selected after round one participated in 100 (but less than 200) plays from scrimmage
    • Seven of those were undrafted


Following is a link to more detailed information:





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